by Streetlight Cadence

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MOMENTARY and its hard-hitting, raw sound was entirely self-produced and engineered in our garage studio in Los Angeles, CA. This collection of lively anthems, epic ballads, and metal hoedowns faithfully represents the sound we take on tour, yet stays true to our street performing days. Have fun listening and rock on!


released June 18, 2019

Streetlight Cadence is:

Jonathon Franklin - Violin, Guitar
Jesse Shiroma - Accordion, Piano
Brian Webb - Cello, Piano, Orchestration
Benjamin Chai - Drums, Guitar, Programming

Mixed by Streetlight Cadence at Sheepchaser Studios // Los Angeles
Mastered by Bob Boyd at Ambient Digital // Houston
Artwork by Aleesha King

All songs written, arranged, performed, and produced by Streetlight Cadence.

With Special Thanks to: Kurt Rodgers


all rights reserved



Streetlight Cadence Los Angeles, California

Your friendly neighborhood sidewalk band.

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Track Name: Past Life
Say, is it better or is it worse? To be held in the arms of an angel’s curse. And all I imagine is her hand in mine. I saw it before, I saw it in a past life. Slow down. Speak to me cause honestly it covers me & colors in the incomplete. Wake up. The fire in sincerity rebuilding in the beauty of a tragedy. Let out the wind you harbor underneath the love you give so I can share the air you breathe. Lifeline. The indivisibility is making me the better man I want to be. I’ll never know the burden I provide my dear divine!
Track Name: I Miss You
Another boring day. The shops are closing down. I’m walking home when I hear rumors that you’re back in town. I feel my phone go off. You ask if we can hang. I think of us and suddenly my heart begins to race. Memories rushing back with the sound of your voice. Some are good, some are bad, they were lost in the noise. When you left, all you said is there’s nothing I could do. Honestly I was mad, honestly, I miss you. Meet at the same old place. Just like we used to do. It’s been so long and now I wonder how things are with you. You ask how life has been. I say I’m doing fine. And maybe one day I can tell you how I feel inside.
Track Name: Streetlights and Sirens
Take a panorama photograph, itʼll lengthen the illusion love will last, when the final grain of sand in the hourglass falls down. ‘Cause the endless summerʼs over and autumn came, and the skies were buried under the clouds of rain. When I climbed up on a roof and I called your name, no sound. “Iʼll be yours forever” were the last words I heard under streetlights and sirens. Moments that we made into memories are the stories that Iʼll share for eternity, like the songs that we would sing on your balcony at night. And I never will forget how it felt to dance in the sunset of the desert wilderness, when you pulled me close and kissed me on the lips under the starlight. Iʼll be here when the evening fades away.
Track Name: Invisible
When I'm all alone, I have visions that one day we fall in love, and the weights that I'm chained to you break and you take me away to a beautiful dream. But I wake up and see, this is not meant to be. It's impossible for me to reach. And I can't gain control ‘cause my mind's letting go. I know you're never thinking of me. I wish you cared about me more, like I was somehow meaningful. Not someone so invisible. If only I was good enough, like I deserve your kind of love. Not someone so invisible. When you’re feeling down, I know I could take care of you. Tell me now, tell me things that you’re too scared to say. Let me make it okay, you know I'm here for you. So I sing along, and pretend I'm okay though I don't belong in your dreams or your life. And I say I'm alright, but the truth is that I'm all alone.
Track Name: Francis Ferdinand
Here I am, sudden stilled. Helpless form, hopeless willed. Wonder off, near and far. Cold or warm, in my heart. I won’t dare refuse to say good night. Won’t you let me take you home? Won’t you be my contraband? Won’t you come and take me out like Francis Ferdinand? Run away on our own. Run away like we can. Run away like desperation’s played our only hand. Here we go. You at night, blinds the stars. All alone, tears me apart. Would I dare refuse to say good night? Among the fluttering I remember what I’ve lost with you.
Track Name: Vinyl Records
I got your love confession on an old cassette, and it takes me back to our high-school track. How could I forget? I got these burned CDs of your favorite songs, but they sounded better when we sang ‘em together all summer long. Sometimes I turn off the radio, and go back to a time before. And I play your vinyl records. Needle on a wheel of time, I play those vinyl records. Go back to when you were mine, I play those vinyl records. Spinning like we did before our time was up. I got my college feelings on MP3, when we called it off, cause you moved to Washington D.C. And these new romantic relationships are here and gone, like the songs that stream on my new playlists.
Track Name: I Can't Do This
You were supposed to stay here, I wanted to be by your side. Why’d you go far away and never come back, like you could just leave us behind? How could someone do something so cowardly, I don’t know. How do you live like that? Why’d you put all your problems on us saying, “I can’t do this?” Why'd you leave when I needed you most saying, “I can't do this?” ‘Cause you tore us apart and you cut out my heart when you gave up and walked out the door. So I hope that you’re happy ‘cause I can’t do this no more. Wish you could see all the times I needed someone to be there. I still want you around, but I don’t know why, deep down I wish I couldn’t care. I can’t count the times I thought of you, I wanted you, cried for you. I was scared that I might be like you when I found someone to love. With my own on the way, I start thinking that I can't do this. All my life I’ve been running away because I can’t do this. But she's waiting 9 months, getting sick, throwing up, swear I'll be by her forever more. ‘Cause she taught me to love, and I'll never give up, ‘cause I know what it's like all alone.
Track Name: Learn to Love
On the beach, by the bay, saw the sun come up. And as I washed in the waves, couldn't shake the thought. I see you crying and you’re trying to hide it. It hurts, it hurts I know. Like all the feelings I don’t wanna admit, it's easier to let them show. If we're all family then, what is this pain I'm feeling? Can you imagine if we learn to love? If life is short and precious, why would we waste it like this? Can you imagine if we learn to love? Lied in bed, wide awake, as the rain came down. Imagining my mistakes, falling to the ground. I know it's hard to fix a disaster. I wish our hearts could heal so much faster. Love is the only ending we’re after, the only ending that matters. I know we find our ways to disagree. I thought that we would always be family. I hope in time you finally forgive me.
Track Name: Live a Lie
Ever since yesterday, nothing has been the same. How did we end up this way? Don't even say goodbye, keep it all inside. Won't even talk about what we did last night. Why don't I feel alive, if I can't live without ya? You don't even think about it, talk about it. You pull me down, you keep me drowning. Tell me babe, why we live a lie. If it's not everything you ever wanted, if all you give is broken hearted, tell me babe, why we live a lie. You said I can't commit, when you're the one who quit. Why do we leave it this way?
Track Name: Constellations
I still remember the wind in your hair, whipping the windows, our heads in the clouds we would stare at the ashes of stars behind us. We were unstoppable, proudly naive. Taking our dreams to the limits of what we believed as we held to our silent secrets. Ten years before us but something has torn us apart. You said it's the start of something new, oh what did you do? Come my friend, to our wonderland. The engine aglow, the nights as we know and believe in. Burn this town, turn it inside out. But I am here to stay. The reckless adventures that gave us our scars. Chaos that glued us together like brothers-in-arms. Never would we be divided. We are the answer to torment unknown. Held by our gravity, we're not alone in the end knowing what’s unsaid - why would you question? Still I have questions.
Track Name: Counting On the Odds
Fresh cut flowers and cheese. I heard you liked these things. Weighing all the options. Counting on the odds. I will do whatever it takes for the chance to hold you in my arms. Handwritten notes and cards sent from countries afar. Love is a game of chance. Will I win if I stack the deck?

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